Why Go On A Luxury Yoga Retreat?

When you experience an Ottilie yoga retreat you are invited to come with an open mind and leave with an open heart.

Taking unique wild locations from around the world such as Yoga retreats in Kenya and in the UK, mixing those with industry experts and teachers we aim to provide you with a yoga retreat that brings inspiration across all areas; Mind, body & soul. This then creates a transformational travel experience; one which you can fully be present in whilst you are there and one which can bring elements of change back into your daily life.

We believe that if you look after the foundation of YOU then you can look after the welfare of those you love and care for. An Ottilie yoga retreat means WE look after you. We nurture and nourish you in those areas so you feel ready to start or expand your wellness journey.


It is imperative that you look after your mind as your foundation. Through readings, quotes and relaxed conversations on a retreat we help you create a positive mindset so you can believe in yourself and feel empowered. If we show up grateful and appreciative of the things then we can create change in the world. On some retreats we run specific workshop sessions to go deeper into the mindset helping you enrich and cultivate a life of fulfilment and purpose.


For the body we provide at least two yoga sessions daily, Vinyasa Flow and Yin / Restorative. Each retreat will have an exceptional teacher for that specific retreat theme and together we curate powerful music playlists. Music is a large part of these yoga sessions as it touches us emotionally; it soothes the mind and strikes fire from the heart.


“Your soul is the power and core of who you are. Feed it well.”

You must take care of your soul, your centre and your strength. Ottilie yoga retreats nourish you with whole, fresh and exceptional food. Food is medicine for our soul and every meal is an opportunity to feel healthier.


Each one of these areas does not work without the other. So taking time out on an Ottilie Yoga retreat, in an inspiring location around the world, with like-minded people helps you focus and provides you with a space to change no matter how small. Because small changes eventually add up to make a big difference.

Our Yoga Teachers

All our yoga teachers are fully qualified with years of experience and we welcome every level of yoga practice from random beginner to the more advanced. The yoga on our retreats is approachable. We just want you to move your body and feel alive. As everyone is unique we don’t offer deep spiritual practise retreats, but are open for you to take what you need.


Do You offer yoga retreats for beginners?

Yes of course. When we say ‘all levels’ we mean ALL LEVELS. If you are a beginner you will be encouraged and supported and for the more advanced you will be challenged with alternative postures. Each teacher on each retreat will know your personal level in advance and provide you with space for growth in each way needed. While are retreats are not designed specifically as yoga retreats for beginners we welcome beginners and cater for them.

What is Vinyasa flow yoga?

Vinyasa is translated to ‘arranging something in a specific way’. In vinyasa classes you will move with the breath to flow from one yoga posture to the next. It is one of the most contemporary and often popular styles of yoga today.

What exactly happens on an Ottilie luxury yoga retreat?

Usually our yoga sessions will begin from 8:00am for two hours. At the beginning we will arrive on the mat and get our minds in the present space. This will be followed by a full yoga flow practise designed to suits the needs of those retreating. This is typically followed with brunch and a chance to chat as a group or take your own time. There is then free time for spa treatments, reading, napping, and walking. A light lunch is on offer and the afternoon is either spent as a group with an organised activity or workshop depending on the theme of the retreat. Snacks and refreshments are on offer throughout the day. Early evening is our restorative and yin yoga practice again for 2 hours followed by dinner and at times meditation. Both Ottilie as a host and the yoga teachers work with the requirements of the clients, come with an open mind. Ultimately this is space for you, listen to your heart and body taking what you need when you need it.

Which Ottilie retreat do I choose – they all sound amazing?

If there is a location on offer that you have always wanted to visit then use this as a double bonus to adventure far and wide. Each retreat will have a different group size allocation so please email us and we will let you know – especially if you were after a smaller or large group experience. The core wellness journey experience will be on offer at every Ottilie retreat.

What should I pack?

We provide all yoga equipment on each retreat. You will be given a specific pack list depending on where the retreat is located. Comfortable yoga clothes, your own reading, journal and pen are always good!

Do I have to do everything on the proposed schedule?

Absolutely not. This is a chance for YOU to take time and tune in to you away from your busy and often demanding daily life. If you need to retreat and just be, then do just that. We welcome everyone who puts himself or herself first and if you don’t know how to do that then you definitely need to come on an Ottilie retreat. If you don’t want to be sociable in a group situation then you are always invited to take time away.

“Perfect weekend retreat! I loved the attention to detail, the variety in activities and such a lovely group of ladies.”


“What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! You planned everything to perfection and I loved every minute. I will definitely come back again.”

Millie – ‘Rejuvenate 2018’ UK

“Thank you, thank you, thank you – amazing weekend! Beautiful place, beautiful food and I loved Emily’s classes.”

For more information on our different retreat please get in touch today and let us help you plan your next transformational travel trip.

Journey with us and we will journey with you.