As a natural progression from experiental travel, transformational travel takes the idea of personal growth through travel to the next level. Travel is not just about experiencing something new it can also be about changing as a person for the better through those experiences. This can then have a positive effect on personal, work and home life as well as those around us.

By taking a true journey and developing as a person we can transform for the better. 

What is Transformational Travel?

Transformational travel or TT as it is often known is basically any travel experience that gives you the ability to change your life in a lasting a meaningful way. It is also referred to as a "hero's journey" which is in reference to Joseph Campbell, an American writer. A typical TT trip is made up of three critical elements:

  • Embark of a trip or holiday with openness and mindfulness

  • Get involved in a physical, spiritual or cultural experience, or more than one of these.

  • Allowing time for real reflection and personal growth.


Why is TT Good for us?

There is a wide range of benefits to TT and they differ from person to person but there are some key areas that we can all benefit from. One of the really big points about transformational travel is the disconnection from the stress, technology, situations and people that we all have to deal with every day. We can also use TT to expand our horizons and our world view, becoming more aware of other cultures and practices. Along with this is a better sense of our place in the world and a much deeper sense of self. This leads to a happier life and the ability to deal with modern life in a more constructive way. TT can also lead to great friendships and relationships with those we share the experience with as well as a greater sense of purpose and focus in our lives. By learning something new, changing our practices and experiencing a new way of live we can grow as people and come home transformed for the better. 

Ottillie Wellness & Transformational Travel

While there are many different types of transformational travel we are deeply passionate about our retreats playing a role in changing our guest for the better. The first way a retreat can transform our guests and meet the first element of TT is for them to embark on a retreat with an open mind and an aware mind. By then engaging in our yoga and wellness classes and teachings our guests are able to meet the second element and we then allow time during the trip for reflection but also encourage it when the journey is over. 


Many of our retreats are in other countries allowing guests to experience a different setting, climate and culture whilst also learning new practices for personal growth. Yoga is a powerful tool for change and learned alongside other wellness elements like eating well and mindfulness the results can be exceptional. Transformational travel does not need to be spiritual in the traditional sense and can fit perfectly alongside normal life and a fun, relaxing break with friends. The key is to embrace the skills taught and return home changed in a positive way. 

If you would like to know more about our retreats and transformational travel then contact us today. 


Gilly - Rejuvenate Retreat, January 2018