Ottilie is born from a passion for natural healing to restore personal health and inspire others.
We want to share how you can take charge of your wellbeing and mindset and realise the importance of self-care to discover and reach your true unique self. 

If you don't look after yourself then how can you look after others?

With the wellness revolution trending this maybe just another health brand, but it's also a chance to try delicious recipes, discover health tips and introduce you to new everyday natural products enabling you to release how your body is meant to look and feel.

It is also a space that invites you to participate in events and retreats, taking time for you, your reflection and a unique transformational experience.

Want to become part of a personal journey?
Follow our wellness and food blog, come along to one of Ottilie events or even better invest in your self care and find your true authentic self at one of our incredible global retreats.

Ottilie has been established to share a love of natural health, realise the healing power of food, yoga and good friends. In short, inspire people to live healthier and happier lives so they can help and nourish others.

Think well. Live well. Be well.

Samantha Warner
Founder of Ottilie -  Lifestyle & Wellness



Whilst on a yoga retreat in the Autumn of 2016, I had the epiphany that I'd worked for the last 20 years in the creative branding and design industry, with no effort to look after myself. It was time to stop flying through life at the fast pace I thought necessary to be successful. I needed to evaluate what was important, take time to enjoy my young family and be fully present for a whole and fruitful future. 

Before this, yoga to me was something I did once a week, on my working from home day. It was 75 minutes out in the morning to tick the I'm looking after myself box, grab a quick coffee with friends, dash into the supermarket to pick up dinner whilst throwing a washing load on and taking a shower! I constantly felt guilty that I wasn't at my desk building an empire. I continually worried about the missed calls and number of emails I needed to reply to during this time. Therefore the whole emphasis of doing yoga was exactly that, it was, 'doing'. For two years this went on and I never stopped the chatter in my mind whilst going through restorative poses. 
How counterproductive was this?

During winter 2016, I took a forced sabbatical and realised that I had just been walking the motion of yoga. I honestly didn't think about the benefits until I was invited on a yoga retreat with a friend that just happened to coincide with my birthday, "perfect treat to myself" so I went. In hindsight the treat was a life changing experience that made me wake up to the reality that I was a human doing not a human being.

For somone who loves the sun on her shoulders and warmth of the rays, I took this time to embrace the coldness. It was a challenge but I learned to let the frost come because winter is an important season in our lives. It is a time of going within. A time to rest and prepare for new life. Winter may seem like a lifeless season but look within, things are being worked out, especially in the soul. I cherished the time of quiet, I healed from numerous chest and fungal infections and I embraced the chance to welcome a new beginning. This is now it. My chance to establish a new lifestyle brand is growing organically, Ottilie is founded and my daily mantra is...