I was recently asked "With all the yoga retreats around, why should I go on an Ottilie yoga retreat?" Fair question. Here is my answer.

When you commit to an Ottilie Yoga Retreat you are invited to come with an open mind and leave with an open heart. You are invited to take time to discover your true authentic self. You are invited to come on a journey that is an adventure of the mind and body.

Together myself, founder of Ottilie Wellness and Kate, our UK managing director, spent months looking at all the details for a unique retreat experience. This is so we can offer you something with a twist that will leave a lasting memory. We take time too look at all the details, the food, the environment, the rooms, the yoga space and the gifts. We then pay particular attention to the following areas, which, to us are the most meaningful.


The biggest impact on our health is our environment. Sourcing unique locations across the global is something we take pride in. Currently one of our retreats is in a Treehouse like you’ve never seen. Built high in the trees, its unique architecture affords a 360-degree panorama of the Indian Ocean coastline on one side and native forest on the other.  The house consists of three towers in the trees, linked by bridges, stairways and ramps. Most of the building was set above the beautiful coastal forest - for the stunning views and the cooling breeze. It has no windows just frames around vistas of nature in all its glory. You share the forest with the sound of birds, insects, small mammals, reptiles and primates. The forest boasts many indigenous trees common to the coastal strip, including beautiful and magical baobabs and the remarkable bamba-kofi.

When you immerse yourself in nature in this way, it is fact that you reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure and muscle tension. Your mood improves and you’ll feel more grounded, inspired and creative. It is a chance to reset and restore your brain - something that is so important with the abundance of technology. Not only will being in nature will help improve your cognitive function and creative thinking skills but also boost your immune system. This is because you're giving your body a break from "fight or flight" mode that we tend to be in throughout our every day. You let your body rest and restore and this is where the healing happens.

When we are surrounded by nature we stay grounded. We become aware of what is around us. We use our senses and observe the beauty, the sounds, the plants, colour and breeze on your skin. Our heart is now open to explore and we find this connection with the earth. We feel grounded – physically and mentally. Our problems seem smaller and we become part of something bigger - creation. We feel part of the earth and the support it brings us. This is connecting to your roots.



It is imperative that you look after your mind as the foundation of you. On a daily basis we use many incredible resources for mind-set growth such as podcasts, interviews, journals and books. Through readings, quotes and relaxed conversations on an Ottilie retreat we help you create a mind-set of positivity so you can believe in yourself and feel empowered.

Sometimes we will run specific workshop sessions with a professional life coach to go deeper into the mind and helping you cultivate an enriching life of fulfilment and purpose.


The only way your body can develop strength is through movement. Slow movements and deep breathing increase blood flow and warm up muscle. Moving from one pose to the next in a regular yoga practice may reduce inflammation, benefit your digestive system and increase body awareness. On an Ottilie retreat we treat the body to two yoga sessions daily, Vinyasa Flow in the morning and a Yin / Restorative session early evening all suitable for beginner to advanced. Each retreat will have an exceptional and qualified teacher, whom we personally know and have practised with. Together we curate powerful music playlists, creating a magical union of mind, body, breath and beat. Music is a large part of our yoga sessions as it touches us emotionally; it soothes the mind and strikes fire from the heart.



You must take care of your soul, your centre and your strength. Ottilie retreats nourish you with whole, fresh, local and exceptional food. Eating a balanced mainly plant based diet helps supply your body with all the nutrients it needs. Food is medicine for our soul and every meal is an opportunity to feel healthier and full of energy.

With all the above areas, incredible environment and wonderfully experts teachers our Ottilie retreats fill you with inspiration that will hopefully lead a lasting impression. We create a transformational travel experience, one, which you can fully be present in whilst you are there and one which can bring elements of change back into your daily life. Our retreats are usually between 10 - 16 guest, a perfect number, which allows a unity and bond to form amongst the group, but also gives you enough private space.

We are passionate about looking after the foundation of YOU so you can look after the welfare of those you love and care for. By coming on an Ottilie Wellness yoga retreat WE look after you. We nurture and nourish you so you feel ready to start or expand your wellness journey.

If you have another questions - take a look at our FAQ's or contact us anytime.

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our life changing retreats soon.

Love, Sam & Kate x

Samantha Warner