Hello, I'm Samantha Warner Founder of Ottilie, a lifestyle and wellness brand launched May 2017. As you will read on the ABOUT page this brand has been set up to inspire other people to live healthier and in turn happier lives.

I have spent my 20s & 30s never stopping. Constantly busy with work, a project, setting up businesses, commuting, travelling, being the best wife I can and providing the part start in life for my two young girls. I was always making time for friends and family, never saying 'no' to those who asked of my help at the detriment of my wellbeing. I survived on 4-6 hours sleep a night and convinced myself if I stayed up finishing 'just one more' thing off my to-do list then I would be climbing the ladder of success both career wise and in personal achievements. 

It was only this past winter that I had the enlightening moment I had never stopped. I had never taken time out. I had never 'just been' and to be honest I was never fully present. I was always planning the next thing. Therefore with every fungal infection after being on numerous bouts of antibiotics for chest infections I had the wake up call that I needed to look within and heal myself naturally.  

I needed to just be me, I needed to learn, take time out to read without feeling guilty that I can grab a tea and sit on the sofa with a beautiful book midday. I needed to engage in who I really was. What makes me happy? What makes me feel alive? What makes me be a good wife and mother? What makes me emotional? I went soul searching and from this Ottilie has been born.

Ottilie is a wellness website and a yoga based company, hosting events and retreats. Set up as a resource to inspire and empower women who are doing life at a 100mph that it is OK to slow down. It is OK to take time out for themselves. It is OK to do exercise that you love, without burning 500 calories per session. It is OK to go to bed without the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) label attached to you. It is OK to tell someone you don't want to do what they are doing. It is possible to feed your family good nutritious meals which don't need special ingredients or hours of preparation. All of this is OK because it will mean you are a better person for taking the time. You are healthier.

It is OK to just BE.

Samantha Warner