Some of you may be wondering why the name Ottilie?
How do you say it and what does it mean? This may help...

Pronounced 'ott-ill-eee', Ottilie is a female name stemming from the German masculine name Otto. It means "prosperity" or "little wealthy one." When I heard it for the first time I thought it was beautiful, instantly I had a vision of a girl spinning around in a field of wild grass and running along a sandy beach. As Ottilie Wellness starts to become my third child I thought it would fit perfectly already having two girls.

As I looked into the meaning more it resonated so much with the ideals I want to promote... Sensitive, creative and calming nature.
Desiring harmony and refinement in her environment whilst having a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause.

Generous and broadminded.

There is no greater wealth than our health. When we loose our health we can't care for our children, nurture our relationships, go out with our friends and all our hobbies seem to fade away. We have to change our priorities and not take our health for granted. We have to make it our top priority and respect our bodies and our minds. It is invaluable to see the return we invest in looking after our health. Each small step we take to nurture our wellbeing is our greatest wealth. 

As a society we need make time to move more and apply mindful eating. If we don't feel well we can't do well. It is so much deeper than looking good, the true benefit is what happens within us when we give our bodies and minds the attention they need.

Lets all take on the true meaning of Ottilie and become "little wealthy ones" with our health.

Think well. Live well. Be well.

Samantha Warner