Welcome to Ottilie, a new lifestyle and wellness brand launched in spring 2017, motivating people to take charge of their own health, wellbeing and mindset so they can in turn help and nourish others.

Born from my new-found passion for natural healing to not only restore my own health, but also to inspire you. I want to share how you can take charge of your wellbeing and mindset and realise just how important self-care is.

With the wellness revolution nowadays this maybe just another health brand but to me it's a chance to share delicious tried and tested recipes, report health tips, introduce new natural products and become a 'go to' resource for wellbeing information. Want to become part of this community? Ottilie events starts with Yoga Brunch in May 2017.

Ottilie has been established to share a love of natural health, realise the healing power of food, yoga and good friends. In short, inspire people to live healthier and happier lives so they can help and nourish others.

Think well. Live well. Be Well.

Samantha Warner
Founder of Ottilie -  Lifestyle & Wellness

Our Story

Whilst on a yoga retreat in the Autumn of 2016, I had the epiphany that having worked in the creative branding and design industry for the last 20 years, with no effort to look after myself, it was time to stop flying through life at the fast pace I thought necessary to be successful. I needed to evaluate what was important, take time to enjoy my young family and be fully present for a whole and fruitful future.